Church History


1924 – The Reverend J. A. Briscoe became the 15th pastor of Payne. Under his guidance, the church purchased the beautiful historic church at the corner of Madison Avenue and Laurens Street for $55,000.  


1930 – The Reverend H. E. Walden became the 16th pastor of Payne.


1935 – The Reverend David Rice became the 17th pastor of Payne and served until 1940 upon his death. He saved the church by paying off the interest amounting to $3,500 during the most crucial moments in its history.


1940 – The Reverend Dr. C. Baker Pearle became the 18th pastor of Payne for nine years. In 1943, Payne was able to celebrate the burning of the church mortgage.


1949 – The Reverend W. P. Mitchell became the 19th pastor of Payne. The Women’s Guild began in 1949 and became a strong organization that supported the church through the great monetary contributions.


1982 – The Reverend Dr. Howard Camper became the 20th pastor of Payne and served until his death in October 1990. The First Lady was Sister Dorothy Camper. A new million-dollar church was built on the site of the old church at Madison Avenue and Laurens Street under his progressive leadership. The congregation marched into the new church on Easter   Sunday, April 2, 1989 shouting their theme God Did It!


1990 – The Reverend Dr. Vashti McKenzie became the 21st pastor and the first woman pastor of Payne appointed by Bishop H. Hartford Brookins. The First Gentlemen was Brother Stan McKenzie. In 1993, the Adoration and Praise Scholarship Committee and the Golden Doves were formed. As part of the church’s community development programs, a 5-story 32,000 sq. ft. apartment building was purchased in 1996 and was converted into a two million-dollar Human and Economic Development Center called the Nimrod, which houses the adult medical day facility, youth and adult education programs and business offices. In 2000, Dr. McKenzie achieved international fame as the first woman to be elected and consecrated as Bishop in the AME Church. 

2000 – The Reverend Dr. Michael O. Thomas became the 22nd pastor of Payne appointed by Bishop Vinton R. Anderson. The first lady was Reverend Dr. Debyii S. Thomas. In 2001 the grand opening of the Nimrod Building was held.  The church relocated its administrative offices to the third floor of the Anvil Building. The creation of the alternative for Halloween called Hallelujah Praise to keep youth off the streets and provide a safe environment was implemented. Dr. Thomas expanded the Restoration Ministry, a holistic health prevention care and treatment organization. Also Payne established faith-based collaborations and partnerships with Redemption C.O.G.I.C. to enhance health outreach. Twenty accepted the call to preach and received spiritual

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